How do you obtain a local hunting license?

updated 15th March

The Department of Environment and Agriculture of the Český Krumlov Municipal Authority issues hunting licenses to Czech citizens who reside in its respective district and to non-Czech nationals who are sojourning in this district.

Hunting license are available for specified periods at a respective adminstrative fee

Hunting license for 1 day                                                 30 CZK
Hunting license for 5 days 50 CZK
Hunting license for 30 days 70 CZK
Hunting license for 6 months 100 CZK
Hunting license for 12 months 150 CZK
Hunting license for 12 months for students and seniors of professional colleges
in which game hunting is a required subject, and for persons who hunt as part of
their profession or function                                                                                                    
75 CZK

To be issued a hunting license, you must

  • show a valid license authorizing you to hunt, issued by a foreign state
  • show proof of insurance for authorized hunting
  • complete an application (available at the ČK Dept. of Environment and Agriculture)
  • show your passport or other official identification
  • pay the administrative fee (fees paid at the DEA)

More information

Český Krumlov Municipal Authority, Dept. of Environment and Agriculture, Kaplická 439, 381 01 Český Krumlov; 2nd floor, office no. 202.

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Bláha Luboš OZP referent státní správy lesů, myslivosti a rybářství Kaplická 439 204 380 766 559