Anniversary of the town's inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List  

updated 30.11.2011

Český Krumlov celebrated 15 years of UNESCO

This jubilee was celebrated throughout the entire year. There were events held for the expert public, for the general public, and special emphasis was placed on events for children and youth.

Events for the expert public:

  • Czech-German workshop: UNESCO Monuments - Heritage and Capital for the future (26. 10. 2007, Jesuit Hall of Hotel Růže)

Selected events for the general public focused on the topic of UNESCO:

  • UNESCO for kids - ceremonial concert for Český Krumlov (4. 12. 2007, Riding School of the Český Krumlov State Castle)
  • Kids for UNESCO - UNESCO for kids - a walk through my town - creating untraditional guided walks through the town for their age groups, held in cooperation with the Help Centre for Children and Youth (Centrum pro pomoc dětem a mládeži, o.p.s.)
  • A week of children's films associated with a creative contest on the topic „Our town and castle through the eyes of children" - held by the cinema Kino J&K  
  • Wandering after the legends of Krumlov, a.k.a. "We're not afraid of ghosts" - performance for Český Krumlov elementary school students featuring the Vaganti student choir and students of the Český Krumlov Gymnasium

An overview of all events held as part of the 15th anniversary of the inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List can be found here.


Český Krumlov celebrates 20 years on the UNESCO List

The year 2012 is the twentieth year of the inscription of the historic centre of Český Krumlov into the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is also the fortieth anniversary of the Convention of World Natural and Cultural Heritage which establishes the status of a monument and natural phenomenon deserving the recognition and protection of UNESCO.

This is an important anniversary for Český Krumlov and the Czech Republic alike and should be used especially for educating and enlightening the citizens of our country and our town.

The project Unesco for the Younger Generation has been prepared for 2012, the organizer and guarantor of which is the Český Krumlov municipality. The project focuses on the younger generation with the goal of acquainting young people with the topic of natural and cultural heritage, with the knowledge of this heritage, and caring for it. The project is primarily focused on education and enlightenment.

An overview of all events held as part of the 20th anniversary of the inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List can be found here. (only in Czech)  

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