Cultural heritage

updated 30.11.2011

Cultural environment in Český Krumlov

As far as the number and quality of cultural activities goes, Český Krumlov exceeds its own proportions. The town has great potential in its culturally-active townspeople, and there are a number of subjects and institutions here that organize year-round activities targeted towards townspeople and visitors alike. The survey clearly shows that townspeople participation in cultural events supports their identification with the historic core and deepens their perception of the value of Český Krumlov as a unique location - a World Heritage Monument.

The cultural environment in Český Krumlov is mainly formed by:

Material cultural heritage

  • historic monuments included on the UNESCO World Heritage List: the historic core and the castle complex
  • other cultural monuments outside the perimeters of the historic core, e.g. the cultural archaeological monument Dobrkovice Cave
  • museums and galleries

Cultural events for the general public

Cultural facilities set up or supported by the Český Krumlov municipality

Art schools

A complete overview of cultural institutions, social and cultural activities, clubs, and cultural life of the town is up-to-date here.


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