UNESCO Heritage Site - historic centre of Český Krumlov

updated 30.11.2011 

Český Krumlov as World Heritage

Český Krumlov is unique!

Český Krumlov is part of our human heritage and is one of the best things that humans have created on this planet. This is the challenge emphasized by the town's inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List and which binds us to protect and care for this rare gem so that it may remain preserved for the next generation. This is the mission for those of us who are lucky enough to be living in Český Krumlov.

The town is not large, but this serves as an even greater attraction due to its genius loci. The town of Český Krumlov does not, however, only live through its history, visible by its historic monuments on every corner, but over time has become a significant center of living culture and a textbook for historic monument care. Throughout the year it offers a rich selection of cultural events to fit all tastes: from visits to the castle, museums, and galleries, to concerts of several music festivals or performances as part of traditional festivals, to special night tours or town tours led along the Vltava River, or sitting in stylized culinary facilities. Surrounded by undisturbed natural beauty, Český Krumlov is enticing to all who wish to enjoy something unforgettable.

The meaning of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List UNESCO lies in a mutual recognition and exchange of differing cultures on this planet as equal parts of the common history of mankind. The World Heritage convention's great popularity has turned it into the most successful instrument for international cultural dialogue. Last but not least, it is also a very significant marketing tool.